TRAINED YOGA, fitness, jumping, martial arts, boxing and NLP coach Wayne Lèal started combining elements of these disciplines into his training sessions 10 years ago. JUMPGA is a consequence of him overcoming several surgeries and his injuring every major joint in his body via contact sports and motorcycle accidents.

Rebounding significantly limits the pressure on the joints, by up to 85%, and is particularly good for balance and cardio fitness as well as strengthening your stabilising muscles.

Yoga is the perfect complement to rebounding, with the emphasis placed on breath awareness, whilst also increasing flexibility, focus, and a sense of serenity.

JUMPGA marries these disciplines without the risk of strain that beginners to exercise may experience. It can also rejuvenate your body and act as a stress-release valve at every session.


THE JUMPGA programme has been used by countless international clients who have been trained by Wayne at the worlds best spas as voted by Condé Nast Traveller.

It works for everyone. The great news for calorie counters is that rebounding puts the numbers firmly on your side. If you weigh 75 kilos and go for a 30-minute jog, the energy you expend will be equal to about 175 calories. The same time spent doing JUMPGA cardio burns 205 calories - and it's much more fun!

Good habits can be as addictive as bad ones. Once you've programmed Jumpga as a new exercise routine, and it becomes a habit, keeping to your perfect weight will become much easier.



JUMPGA is a pioneering hybrid fitness workout used equally by top class athletes and the man in the street. Combining HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), in the form of rebounder exercises, with yoga asana; tried and tested and deemed hard to beat.

Southampton and England Left back Ryan Bertrand used JUMPGA when he needed a new incentive and something original and different to build up his strength. "It's raised a few eyebrows in the changing room" he admitted. "I was looking to increase my speed, strength and explosiveness... In football it's all about short sharp bursts enabling me to get from A to B as quickly as possible."



"I was totally blown away by the
JUMPGA programme as a complement
to my existing training regime."
Amy Kilpin

AMY IS a long distance triathlete, she competes in three sports, swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession. Training for a bike race is hard. Training for a half marathon or a 1.9k swim is hard... but taking on a triathlon is about pushing your athletic abilities in ways no other race or competition can.
The triathlon is designed to test mental toughness. At its core, it is about going the distance and overcoming every conceivable obstacle in your way.
Further information: www.amykilpin.co.uk.

  • 110cm mat with steel frame has the highest degree of elasticity
  • Available with either screw-in or foldable legs
  • German TÜV Certified
  • Unique adjustable design with 12 band suspension system
  • A lifetime warranty available




THE MOST effective therapy available to everyone is exercise. Wayne's training is innovative in comparison with all others, because it is creative and doable.
The story in his forthcoming book is not just that of Wayne's training methodology, but also the personal success stories of those who have taken on board his training philosophy, followed his programmes, and hence made significant changes to their lives.


LEFT: Darren Barker former IBF World Middleweight Boxing Champion

"Does JUMPGA work?
I became the IBF World
Middleweight Champion."

Darren Barker